Policymaker’s guide to Digital

Quite a few colleagues in the Civil Service have asked me recently about how policy professionals can learn more about ‘digital’. This collection of web resources obviously isn’t definitive or authoritative, and I don’t necessarily agree with everything that the authors say, but everything here has helped me personally. If you have other suggestions, please do leave them in the comments below.

Jeremy Heywood – Government as a Platform
Mike Bracken – The Strategy is Delivery
Tom Coates – Is the pace of change really such a shock?
Evgeny Morozov – The rise of data and death of politics
Francis Irving – History of version control

Mark Foden – The Gubbins of Government
Jonathan Zittrain – Future of the Internet
Cory Doctrow – How to break the internet
Clay Shirky – Here comes everybody
Tim O’Reilly – Government as a Platform

The Government’s Digital Service Standard, and the Service Design Manual
Governance for Service Delivery
People & skills in a digital development team
Who are the Digital Leaders in the UK Government
Overview of web tools for civil servants (and I would add Feedly)

From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg – John Naughton (2012)
Small Pieces Loosely Joined – David Weinberger (2003)
More useful book suggestions here from Mike, and John.

Python for beginners – Code Academy
Data Science for beginners – Coursera
Other MOOC providers: EdX, Udacity, Udemy, Khan Academy, FutureLearn

Government platforms:
Publishing: GOV.UK
Monitoring & Evaluating: Performance Platform
Verifying users: GOV.UK Verify
Purchasing: Digital Marketplace