Month: February 2016

Faith in Action – Episode 6

Stephen Ruttle – Faith in Conflict


Sargeant: Hello, I’m Richard Sargeant, and this is Faith in Action, a podcast about how faith affects the way we live and work today.

‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ said Jesus, but have the faithful got anything distinctive to add to the laudable efforts of all the secular diplomats and negotiators that are trying to achieve settlements between people in conflict with one another?

With me to discuss this is Stephen Ruttle QC, a barrister at Brick Court Chambers in London, one of the top ten commercial mediators in the world, according to Who’s Who Legal. Stephen, welcome.


Ruttle: Thank you very much, great pleasure.


Sargeant: So, why mediation, Stephen? I thought barristers tended to argue your case and generally be adversarial, rather than seeking compromise? Continue reading