Trust is Britain’s secret weapon in the global AI race

From self-driving cars to new drug discoveries and devices which know what you want before you do, AI has the potential to transform our lives as fundamentally as the printing press and electricity. It is estimated AI could add $15.7 trillion to global GDP by 2030. No surprise then that the UK government’s industrial strategy … Continue reading Trust is Britain’s secret weapon in the global AI race

AI Ethics: send money, guns & lawyers

Photo: Iulian Ursu (cc) My speech notes, for a talk given to the Westminster Abbey Institute on 31 May 2018 This evening I’d like to present a problem within what I believe to be the most transformative technology of our lives: artificial intelligence. I’ll suggest why I think that problem will involve some colossal rows involving … Continue reading AI Ethics: send money, guns & lawyers

Policymaker’s guide to Digital

Quite a few colleagues in the Civil Service have asked me recently about how policy professionals can learn more about ‘digital’. This collection of web resources obviously isn’t definitive or authoritative, and I don’t necessarily agree with everything that the authors say, but everything here has helped me personally. If you have other suggestions, please … Continue reading Policymaker’s guide to Digital