Faith in Action

a podcast about how faith affects the way we live and work today

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This is a podcast about faith – the faith of everyday people that has become intrinsic to the way they live and work. The most interesting thing about all of them is what happens when their faith meets the world outside the privacy of their home or the solidarity of their faith community.

Faith is an oddity in modern life. Hard to describe, often deeply personal and little spoken about other than with close friends. It’s not ubiquitous yet it is still today more common, credible, and influential than our secular sages might imagine. I hope you enjoy listening to these short interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed speaking with these thoughtful and quietly inspirational individuals.

Produced by Richard Sargeant; Edited & Mixed by Peter Humphrey.

Music by The Zepplin by Blu Dot Sessions, from the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC

13 – Lucy Denyer – Faith in Journalism [SoundCloud]
12 – Baroness Sal Brinton – Faith in the Lords [SoundCloud]
11 – Sir William Fittall – Faith in Retirement [SoundCloud]
10 – James Perry – Faith in Business [Transcript]
09 – Maj. Luke Hoare – Faith in the Military [Transcript]
08 – Krish Kandiah – Faith in the Family [Transcript]
07 – Helen Johnson – Faith in Science [Transcript]
06 – Stephen Ruttle QC – Faith in Conflict [Transcript]
05 – Bobby  St.John – Faith in Finance [Transcript]
04 – Cate Wheatley – Faith in Film [Transcript]
03 – Ben Welby – Faith in Technology [Transcript]
02 – Sarah Chapman – Faith in poverty [Transcript]
01 – Jon Yates – Faith in society [Transcript]

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